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Stab-Resistance Levels

The National Institute of Justice, rates body armor on resistance to hand-delivered stab threats – NIJ Standard 0115.00. Slash threats have been found much easier to defeat than stab, and thus are not specifically addressed by this Standard.

Maximum penetration of 0.28" / 7mm is allowed as serious injury is extremely unlikely with such a shallow wound. Also an "Overtest" is applied, to push the breaking point of the armor, where 0.79" / 20mm of penetration is allowed.

Testing is done in two different categories of threat – high quality commercial knives, called "Edged Blade" aka Stab, and ice pick, prison-style improvised "Spike" weapons. So stab vests are rated in two categories, "Edged Blade" or Stab and "Spike" and can be rated for either or both categories.

The Levels were derived from a study where several stabbing techniques of a male attacker were tested for the force generated. In general, Level 1 is designed to handle 85% of force levels encountered, Level 2, 90% and Level 3, 96%.

Test Pressure
Penetration Limit
0.28" / 7mm
OVER-test Pressure
Penetration Limit
0.79" / 20mm


24 Joules (J)

17.7 foot-pounds (ft • lb.)
36 Joules (J)

26.6 foot-pounds


33 Joules (J)

24.3 foot-pounds
50 Joules (J)

36.9 foot-pounds


43 Joules (J)

31.7 foot-pounds
65 Joules (J)

47.9 foot-pounds

We stock our ProMAX Concealable in Stab-Resistant and can supply most of our ProMAX models with the Stab-Resistant option.

NO Armor is 100% Stab-PROOF

A 'stab-proof' vest will protect you from the vast majority of hand-delivered knife and / or spike threats you are ever likely to face. But there is always a tradeoff between more protection and more wearability (and the constraint to stay within your budget). Please know that:

  • axes, hatchets, adzes, digging picks, etc.
  • claw hammers, crowbars, etc.
  • bayonets mounted on rifles
  • spears, lances, etc.
  • unusually strong pressure or force behind the stab blow
  • and/or other unusual weapons or situations...

    CAN defeat any Stab-Resistant body armor.

Also, at some angles weapons can slide, or deflect off the edges of Body Armor. Furthermore, impacts that are successfully stopped by the vest will always produce some level of injury, resulting in severe bruising, broken bones, and possibly serious internal injury or even death. Stab-Resistant vests defeat most common threats, but NO vest on earth makes you invulnerable. To state the obvious, getting stabbed ALWAYS carries some risk.

By buying a vest you assume ALL risks of use or misuse, and agree not to hold us liable in any way. In addition, YOU are responsible to ensure that your ballistic and stab-resistant panels are positioned inner side IN, and outer side OUT if applicable (check the inside vest panel labels).

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