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Bulletproof Vests, Plates, Helmets & Armor to
Put the Odds in YOUR favor

Why Buy From BulletProofME?
4 " Bullet proof " Reasons...

Almost everything we sell is:

Made in the USA

We supply high quality to state of the art Body Armor. But, frankly, most folks in the U.S. Body Armor industry sell a good to great product.

We have competitive to superb pricing, and so do some others.

Excellent service on top of great products and prices is what really sets us apart...


Personal Service with Integrity

We treat our customers as we would like to be treated.

We are happy to spend time on the phone with you to get it right.

We care that you end up satisfied.

We put our money where our mouth is, with our "Bulletproof" Satisfaction GUARANTEE

Our customers vouch for us:

We have some of our thank-yous from customers posted, but if you would like to see third-party testimonials, just do a search for "BulletProofME" on some of the Tactical or Gun forums to read our many positive reviews.


Professional Level of Products and Service

 13 years of experience to get the right product and size for you, from our huge selection (products from some of the most respected U.S. defense contractors)

An example of our service, we professionally pack Ceramic Rifle Plates to survive shipping abuse.  (You really don't want to buy a Rifle Plate that just gets thrown in a box before FedEx and UPS abuse it!)


Armor That Actually Fits you Properly!
     (for use in the real world)

Buying a vest:

The biggest difference in terms of how happy you are going to be with your Concealable or Tactical vest, is how well it fits YOUR body (great coverage that is also comfortable).

Do you want a gap on the sides for ventilation, or no gap, or even an overlap for seamless protection?

We will show you exactly how your vest will cover you before you buy.

How long is the vest?

There are too many "big-name" vests out there that skimp on the length coverage. If you can't get a straight answer on the front centerline measurement (bottom of neck scoop to bottom of the vest), don't buy the vest!

We will show you exactly how much vertical coverage you will see - to ensure proper coverage AND that you don't get a vest that is too long (that will put pressure on your throat, when you bend over).

 Buying Rifle Plates:

We offer 9 sizes of Rifle Plates so you get the right fit, Front & Back & Sides

Plus we offer rectangular Rifle Plates as well as the typical SAPI or shooters cut, so you can get full coverage over your shoulder blades vs. having to use a SAPI or Front Shooter's cut plate on the back.


We are committed to getting your Order to you FAST...

We know that lifesaving protection is not something you want to wait for (or to be kept in the dark about a back-order).

  • We ship in stock orders within one business day of confirmation of payment

  • We will keep you informed:

    • You will know your order has shipped because we will send you a confirming email and tracking information..

    • We will inform you right away, if your order is a Back-order, or Custom, Made-to-Order situation, and our best (and honest) estimate of how long a Backorder or Custom, Made-to-Order item might take


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