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Vest Accessories

Blunt Trauma Plates / Pads

Not to be confused with Rifle Plates, Blunt Trauma Pads are extra soft armor added to thicken the vest, and help lessen the “blunt trauma”, i.e., bruising (or a cracked bone). that happens when a bullet is stopped by a vest.

Even though your vest stops the bullet, it still hits like a sledgehammer – a Blunt Trauma Pad helps spread out this impact and lessen the severity of injury to the mid-Chest and the Sternum bone that is so vulnerable just under the skin.

Tap the middle of your chest with your knuckles.... and then imagine the impact of a bullet pushing on the vest!  Vests are NIJ certified WITHOUT a Blunt Trauma Pad and thus it is not strictly necessary, but we strongly recommend them.

Ballistic Blunt Trauma Packs - Soft

  • Light, thin and concealable ballistic and blunt trauma protection

  • The most popular option

  • Weight ~0.3 lbs. / 0.14 kg.
5" by 8"
~13 by 20 cm.

$ 35

$ 25
when ordered with vest

TPS Special Threat Plates

"Trauma Plates on Steroids"

Special Threat Plate - TPS I

Ultra-light Polyethylene Plates are the ultimate Trauma Plate for special threats, short of a Rifle Plate.  (This category has become popularly known as Speed plates.)

Only ~7.5mm thick (0.3") they stop Level 3-A threats all by themselves, plus a host of exotic and special threats - up to and including the .30 cal Carbine round!

Measure the INSIDE of your Trauma Plate Pocket to double-check the size needed. Be sure to allow a little extra for the thickness of the plate.

Flat Plates with a Bend

The 5" by 8" size is ideal for the Front Trauma Plate Pocket on most concealable vests. Bigger sizes fit best on the back, as they are rectangles.

Tested Stand-Alone to Stop:

.357 Sig 125 grain Speer .357 Sig, 115 grain
9mm 127 grain Winchester SXT .40 S&W, 95 grain
FN 5.7 x 28 mm (SS195 and Hornady Blue Tip) Tokarev 7.62 x 25, 85 grain FMJ
.30 caliber Carbine 12 gauge, 1 oz slug
...plus Spike 1 for knife threats

5" by 8"

  • ~13 by 20 cm.
  • rectangle


~ 0.4 lb.
182 g.

$ 79

6" by 8"

  • ~15 by 20 cm.
  • rectangle


~ 0.55 lb.
254 g.

$ 89

7" by 9"

  • ~18 by 23 cm.
  • rectangle
~ 0.67 lb.
300 g
$ 129

7" by 10"

  • ~18 by 25 cm.
  • rectangle
~ 0.75 lb.
340 g
$ 129

8" by 10"

  • ~20 by 25 cm.
  • rectangle
~ 0.85 lb.
380 g
$ 149

10" by 12"

  • ~25 by 30 cm.
  • rectangle
~ 1.2 lb.
545 g
$ 169

Double Curve Plates

Special Threat Plate TPS II

Ever so slightly thicker, heavier, and more protective, and double curved to hug the body more closely.

Great Front plates in the bigger sizes, as the 8" by 10" and 10" by 12" have shooter's cuts.

Tested Stand-Alone to Stop :
.357-cal., 125-grain SIG Gold Dot hollow point (GDHP) .357-cal., 115-grain SIG jacketed hollow point (JHP)
.357-cal., 100-grain SIG Frangible SF 9-mm, 50-grain USM4
9-mm +P+, 127-grain SXT 9-mm, 124-grain FMJ
.40-cal., 180-grain FMJ Aguila .40-cal., 180-grain S&W JHP
Tokarev 7.62 x 25, FMJ .44-mag., 240-grain semi-wadcutter gas checked (SWCGC)


8" by 10"
  • ~20 by 25 cm.
  • Shooter's Cut
Weight~ 0.85 lb.
380 g
$ 179
10" by 12"
  • ~9.25 by 12"
  • ~24 by 30 cm.
  • Shooter's Cut
~ 1.3 lb.
572 g
$ 229

Sweat-Wicking Undershirts

  • Looks just like a cotton T-Shirt, but made out of a special synthetic CoolMAX® fiber which wicks sweat away 3 times faster than cotton.

  • Lab-tested to keep you a little bit cooler, and a LOT drier – sweat evaporates three times faster than cotton (even faster than polypropylene!) Only when sweat is wicked away from the inside of your vest does it have a chance to evaporate and cool you off.

  • Keeps your vest's nylon-covered ballistic panels from feeling so hot and sticky on your skin

  • Saves you from having to wash your vest carrier as often.

  • Get extras, so you can switch out for laundry.

  • No ballistic protection in the shirt of course - but your vest offers a lot more ballistic protection when you wear it - rather than not wearing it in the heat!

  • NOTE:  NOT for use in environments with a high threat of fire. Being a synthetic material Sweat-Wicking Undershirts will melt or burn much faster than natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Special synthetic fire-resistant shirts are made, but are very expensive.

Colors Stocked:

Short Sleeve  -  Small to 3-XL

White    White
Short Sleeve  -  Small to 3-XL

White    White Ultra-thin MESH
Short Sleeve - S to XXL

White    White Ultra-thin MESH
Sleeve - S to XXL

Other colors, V-Necks, Long Sleeve, etc., etc. available for Quantity Order of 20 or more.

  Navy Blue
  Olive Drab

GRAY OxHeather

$ 13
when ordered with armor

$ 15
bought separately

XXL or XXXL add $ 2

NOTE: Being underwear, shirts are NOT returnable, if worn.


Chest Circumference


34" - 36"  /   86 - 91 cm.
Medium 38" - 40"  /   97 - 102 cm.
Large 42" - 44"  /   107 - 112 cm.
XL 46" - 48"  /   117 - 122 cm.
2-XL 50" - 52"  /   127 - 132 cm.


54" - 56"  /   137 - 142 cm.


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