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Level IV Stand-Alone Rifle Plates

100% Made in the USA
Note:  Export of Level IV Rifle Plates from the U.S. usually requires an export permit
(Level III plates can often be exported without an export permit.)

Ceramic Rifle Plates are Not Returnable

When you need Rifle Plates WITHOUT a soft Body Armor vest underneath, you need a Stand-Alone Rifle Plate. Level IV (i.e., Level 4) is tested to stop one hit of .3006 AP, and will easily stop lesser threats.

Level IV plates can stop multiple hits of lesser threats (as long as the hits have some space between). For example, our Lightweight 10" by 12" plate we have tested to stop 6 hits - 3 rounds of .308 FMJ (M80) plus 3 hits of 5.56 SS-109, aka M855.

All our Level IV Stand-Alone plates here have passed the NIJ 0101.05 Certification.

A customer put one of our Level IV Stand-Alone plates through a "ballistic torture test". It is impressive to see how many hits the plate took before finally succumbing:

"Ballistic Torture Test" on YouTube

Level IV Stand-Alone Options

Most sizes in stock for immediate shipment

What Size Rifle Plate Should I Get?

10" by 12" Plate Options - PHOTO Gallery
Swimmers Cut Front
- the most extreme Shooters Cut

Standard  Level IV Stand-Alone Ceramic Rifle Plate

Rectangular Back Plate
More coverage for your shoulder blades!

NOTE - Some Rifle Plates Carriers that load from the bottom have tapered or clipped top corners that will NOT accept rectangular plates.

Ceramic Rifle Plates are NOT returnable, so please ensure compatibility with your equipment before ordering.


~10.0" X 11.75"

~25 by 30 cm.

for Shooter's Cut

~8.3 lbs.

3.8 kg

Weight for Back Rectangle

~8.6 lbs.

3.9 kg.
16.9 lb. Front & Back


Good, Least Expensive protection. Paint coating instead of nylon.

Single curved, so won't hug the body quite as snugly as our other plates which are Triple Curved - but the least expensive if you are on a tight budget.

Thickness 0.75" / 19 mm

per Plate

$ 140
Lightweight 10" by 12"
Regular Shooters Cut Front

Lightweight  Level IV Stand-Alone  Ceramic Rifle Plate
Rectangular Back Plate
More coverage for your shoulder blades!


~9.75" X 11.75"

for Shooter's Cut

ONLY 6.7 lbs.!

3.0 kg
Weight for Back Rectangle

~7.7 lbs.

3.5 kg.

Only 14.4 lb. Front & Back

Triple Curved

Our Regular Shooter's Cut, not quite as extreme as the Swimmers Cut

Thickness 0.7" / 18 mm

per Plate

$ 220

Lightweight 8" by 10" Plates


8" by 10"

~20 by 25 cm.
5.9 lbs.

2.7 kg
6.1 lbs.

2.8 kg.
12.0 lb. Front & Back

Single curved.

Paint coating instead of nylon. Shooter's Cut or Rectangle Shapes available

Thickness 0.7" / 18 mm

per Plate

$ 130


8" by 10"

~20 by 25 cm.
~5.0 lbs.

~2.3 kg.
~5.2 lbs.

~2.4 kg.
10.2 lb. Front & Back

Single curved.

Shooter's Cut or Rectangle Shapes available

Thickness 0.7" / 18 mm

$ 210

Please know that many Eagle, BlackHawk and other plate carriers are NOT designed for the more rectangular Back plates (only clipped corner plates even on the back). You may need to order two Shooter's Cut plates to fit your carrier.

It is your responsibility to verify compatibility with your equipment.

Lightweight SAPI Cut


Level IV Stand-Alone


Mil Spec SAPI Shape (aka SPEAR)
for both Front AND Back

SAPI Cut Ceramic Rifle Plates
Weight Per Plate
per Plate


8.75" by 11.75"
~6.6 lbs.

3.0 kg.
SAPI Cut Triple Curve

For the Small OTV (Outer Tactical Vest)

Thickness 0.7" / 18 mm

$ 220
9.5" by 12.5"
~7.1 lbs.

3.2 kg.

For the Medium OTV (Outer Tactical Vest)

$ 240
10.25" by 13.25"
~26 by 343 cm.
~8.2 lbs.

3.7 kg.

More coverage for bigger guys.

Fits the Large and XL Interceptor OTV (Outer Tactical Vest)

$ 270
11" by 14"
~28 by 36 cm.
~10.0 lbs.

4.5 kg.

For big guys, and the XL or XXL Interceptor OTV (Outer Tactical Vest).

Also a great option to maximize coverage on the back, keeping a 10" by 13" up front for ergonomics.

$ 290
10" by 12"

~10.0" X 12.0"

~25 by 31 cm.
Only 5.5 lbs.!

2.5 kg.

Swimmers Cut

Triple Curve

11 lb. Front & Back!

If you have the budget, Level IV protection that is only 5.5 lb. per plate!

NOTE: This plate is thicker - 0.95" / 24mm (vs. 0.7" / 18mm)

$ 990

Special Order

Why You Want BulletProofME to Ship Your Ceramic Plates

ANY Ceramic Rifle Plate can be damaged if abused - especially if dropped on its' corner. They are not delicate, like fine tea china, but, on the other hand, FedEx and UPS are notorious for being rough with packages.

So, every Ceramic Plate we ship FedEx or UPS is bubble-wrapped, and then DOUBLE-boxed with lots of padding to survive rough handling. We overpack, so that it would take a lot of obvious abuse to do any damage.

We stake our reputation of over ten years on doing it right.  Don't buy a plate that just gets thrown in a box and shipped out.

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