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SWAT Ballistic Helmets

Made in the USA
(Berry Compliant)

SWAT / Special Forces Helmet
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IMPORTANT: Blunt Trauma Protection

All our helmet models include the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) Blunt Trauma Protection Pad System

0.5" or 0.75" or 1.0" thick pads of engineered impact protection to cushion your skull from impact.

ACH blunt trauma pads in Helmet

Many other helmets look the same on the outside, but have the older generation nylon / leather / open cell foam interior suspension - NOT up to modern standards.

If it says "universal fit", "comfort fit" or "standard fit", or other than ACH blunt trauma protection pads, you are missing critical protection for your brain.

These older systems can be fine on comfort, but offer MUCH less blunt trauma protection on impact.


Stops penetration of Level III-A threats

  • Tested to stop 9 mm FMJ and .44 Magnum at 1,400 fps (426 mps) with Minimal backface deformation (the dent on the inside)

  • Fragmentation V-50 of 2,026 fps or 617 mps. to stop a 17 grain fragment

  • ULTRA-LIGHT - state of the art materials and construction, weighing in at only ~2.7 lbs. (1.2 kg.)

    Shapes / Cut Styles:

    PASGT Full Coverage - maximum ear and neck coverage, plus brim
    Trim Cut - no brim, and shorter on the sides for better hearing and shorter on the back for better ergonomics in the prone position

ACH Blunt Trauma Pad System Standard

Tested by an independent ISO-certified laboratory to exceed the blunt trauma protection standard of the ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet). Significantly exceeds the blunt trauma protection standard.

Medium & Large – see the Helmet Sizing Page

Made in the USA


$ 320

- Trim Style


$ 320

Full Coverage PASGT Style



Olive Drab
 ...or you can easily spray paint.


Component Accessories

Extra Pad Kit

  • for spares, or replacement, or to loosen or tighten fit
  • 0.5" thick (13mm) - extra thin to loosen helmet fit
  • 0.75" thick (19 mm.) - standard thickness
  • 1.0" (25 mm - extra thick to tighten fit (and more blunt trauma protection)
$ 59
$ 49
if purchased with helmet

$ 20
Military Contract Overrun in Unused condition
(0.75" only)

Helmet Fitting

You want your helmet to:

  1. be snug on your head so even without the chinstrap, so you can nod your head and have it stay stable

  2. ride just above your eyebrows

  3. have the chinstrap comfortable, but snug

So, before adjusting the chinstrap, experiment with different pad configurations inside the helmet.

Note that chinstraps often come loose from the factory:

  1. tighten up the sliding plastic buckles on all 4 straps

  2. if needed unscrew the bolts to move to the next bolt hole grommet to tighten up

  3. in extreme situations you could tighten up the helmet with thicker ACH pads, or

  4. at a shoe repair or upholstery shop, you could add another grommet to tighten the chinstrap even further. You can do it yourself on the rear 2 straps just by folding the grommets over on the stap to tighten it up about an inch, and burning a new hole through the grommet with a soldering iron (so you don't have to add a new metal grommet).
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