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ACH / MICH or PASGT Ballistic Helmet Accessories

ACH / MICH Retrofit Kit

Convert your old PASGT Military Helmet to the new Advanced Combat Helmet ACH / MICH blunt trauma pad system, plus 4 point chinstrap

  • more comfort, and much better blunt trauma protection

  • PLUS the upgrade includes a 4 point chinstrap for the most secure harness system.

  • a ~ 15 minute job to swap out suspension systems

  • complete kit - all needed parts included:
    • 2 alcohol wipes to clean interior
    • 30 self stick Velcro "coins" (1+3/8ths inch diameter)
    • 7 piece ACH pad set
    • 4 poiint chin strap
ACH blunt trauma pads in Helmet
Helmet NOT Included
$ 98

with Black Nylon, US-made Chinstrap



7 pad set available in:
  • standard 0.75" thickness (# 6 pads)
  • 0.5" to make your helmet fit looser, or
  • 1.0" (# 8 pads) to make your helmet fit tighter
ACH blunt trauma pads in Helmet
Helmet NOT Included
$ 59
$ 49
if purchased with helmet

$ 20
Military Contract Overrun in Unused condition
(0.75" only)

US-made 4 Point Chinstrap / Suspension

US-made, nylon webbing. A MUCH more secure - and comfortable - connection which replaces the original PASGT 2-point chinstrap.Installation requires unscrewing and refastening helmet bolts, about a 10 minute job.


Gunfighter Kevlar Helmet with 4 Point Chinstrap
Helmet NOT Included
$ 29

Elastic Outer Helmet Band
(with reflective "Cat Eyes")

Olive Drab
and TAN

$ 3
Cloth Helmet Covers
For camouflage, and to help protect your helmet from dings and UV damage (ultraviolet from long-term sun exposure)...

ACH / MICH Helmet Covers

NV flap opening

Digital Woodland Camouflage

MULTICAM Helmet Cover
Helmet NOT Included

$ 15

$ 11

To fit PASGT shape helmets

Digital Woodland Camouflage
DESERT Camouflage- 3-Color or the older 5-color "Chocolate Chip" Pattern - the Desert Storm pattern

$ 9

Camo Colors
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