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Eye & Face Protection
Tactical Goggles & Faceshields

We receive calls for replacement lenses - after folks pull glass out of their goggles...

Protect your most valuable and vulnerable sense – your eyesight.

Vision protection is generally NOT bullet-proof, but will protect your eyes from impact, splash, smoke, particulate matter and chemicals plus many fragmentation threats (many threats, but not all - all protection can be defeated at some velocity).

Wiley SG-1 Tactical Goggle           Paulson Tactical Goggles
Tactical Goggles PHOTOs

Pistol Bullet  If you lose vision, you will probably lose the fight...

Tactical Goggles

Wiley SG-1
Low-Profile Sunglass / Goggle


  • 2.0 mm Polycarbonate lens exceeds ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards with perfect optical clarity and 100% UV protection.

  • Easy to wear under a helmet, aerodynamic, jump-able - can even be worn with night vision!

  • excellent peripheral vision

  • Stops a 5.8 grain Fragmentation projectile at 640 fps (195 mps)

  • anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating

NSN 4240-01-504-0994

$ 109

$ 99
with armor purchase


ALL Included:

Smoke AND Clear Lens Sets

Plastic AND Elastic Temples Sets

Soft Carry Case



Tactical Goggle
Wiley SPEAR Tactical Goggle

A little more coverage and slightly thicker than the SG-1:

  • 2.5 mm Polycarbonate lens with 100% UV protection.

  • meets GL-PD 10-12 MCEP Standard, superseding MIL-DTL-43511D Ballistic Standard Multi-functional Goggle

  • symmetrical vesting system to keep you fog-free

  • Easy to wear under a helmet, aerodynamic, jump-able - can even be worn with night vision!

NSNs (with Hard Carry Case):

  • 4240-01-600-1785 - Black Goggle w/ Smoke / Clear Lenses
  • 4240-01-600-1791 - Foliage Green Goggle w/ Smoke / Clear Lenses
  • 4240-01-600-1793 - Tan Goggle w/ Smoke / Clear Lenses

$ 105

$ 95
with armor purchase

ALL Included:

Dark AND Clear Lens Sets

Goggle Sleeve / Cover

Soft Carry Case

More Photos and the Spec Sheet at WileyX


Ballistic Faceshield

Ballistic Faceshield on Police Helmet
Faceshields PHOTOs

If you want to stop pistol bullets you have to carry a little more weight!

Level III-A

  • Tested to stop penetration of Level III-A threats, multi-hit

  • 5.5" tall (14 cm.)

  • V-50 tested for Fragmentation to 2100 fps (640 mps) with 17 grain projectile

  • Clamps securely onto PASGT or ACH / MICH style helmets

  • quick and easy to mount (adjustable ski boot-type buckle cinches down securely with a padded mount above the helmet ear bulge and front brim)

  • Swings up and out of the way when not needed.

  • 2.2 lbs. / 1.0 kg.

$ 239




Complete Mounting System

Protective Cloth Visor Cover for Storage


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