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Uncle Mike's Briefcase with Hidden Holster

Concealed Carry Holster / Briefcase / Laptop Case

Uncle Mike's Briefcase
Uncle Mike's Briefcase with Hidden Holster for Concealed Carry

A high-quality nylon briefcase, a concealed carry pistol holster AND a Level III-A ballistic shield

The outer compartment discreetly holds your gun in an ambidextrous holster - quickly accessible for a fast draw, just by inserting your hand to rip open a hidden Velcro seam. The holster fits most pistols and the position can be customized on the Velcro liner.

The inside compartment discreetly holds a Level III-A ballistic insert. After drawing your gun you can easily hold the ballistic protection up to your chest to maximize your protection.


  • Level III-A Ballistic Insert, 12.5" by 18" (32 X 46 cm.)

  • Hidden Universal Holster, Velcro attached

  • Uncle Mike'sŪ Briefcase:
    • expandable - 3" wide at bottom - can be unzipped to 6" wide (from 8 to 15 cm.)
    • Multiuse front panel for accessories, plus pockets for paperwork
    • Full-flap cover with two quick-release buckles

  • Weight ~ 4 lbs (1.8 kg.) with ballistic insert
Black Black

$ 210

Briefcase with Level III Flat Rifle Plate
  •  12.5" by 18" (32 X 46 cm.) of Ultra-light Polyethylene plate, instead of Level III-A to stop .308 FMJ and lesser threats

  •  NIJ 010801 Standard (plate armor not Body Armor)

  •  Weight ~ 6.3 lbs (2.9 kg.) complete with Rifle Plate

Important Safety Note

(A safety warning most Polyethylene / Ultra-light Rifle vendors neglect to mention...)

This Ultralight plate is manufactured on an ISO-certified production line, but you should know that the ballistic performance of all Polyethylene may be adversely affected, or permanently reduced, by prolonged exposure to ambient temperatures below ~ MINUS 15°F ( - 26 °Celsius) and over 150 °F (65 ° Celsius).

Polyethylene plates must never be exposed to open flame, excessive direct sunlight, UV exposure or any hot surface. Heat damage to the external surface (e.g., melting) is a visual clue that the plate may have been exposed to elevated temperatures. If damage is found, replace the plate.

So, don't take any chances by leaving your Rifle Plates in extremely cold or hot environments, OR letting them "cook" in the sun, for example:

  • a closed vehicle super-heating in the sun
  • an engine compartment
  • unprotected on asphalt in intense sun
  • unprotected on top of metal baking in the sun, etc., etc.

If it's too hot for your body, DON'T LEAVE YOUR RIFLE PLATES THERE!

$ 750 estimate

Call for current quote

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