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Ballistic Shields
for Backpack or Briefcase

Made in the USA
3-A Backpack Ballistic Insert
Tactical Pack
Briefcase Ballistic Insert

Insert Level III-A protection into your briefcase, or back pack and you can transform an inconspicuous everyday item into a convenient and discreet ballistic shield for pistol and 9mm sub-machine-gun threats.

    • Super convenient - always with you.

    • Doesn't heat you up as much as wearing a vest in hot environments

    • The Aramid ballistic insert does not set off metal detectors, to avoid security delays.

    • Portable cover to back up inadequate cover / concealment
      (can cover ever be good enough when under fire?)

If you need rifle protection - you can pick from one of our many sizes of Rifle Plates up to 11" by 14" (Steel plates would set off metal detectors though, obviously.)

We usually cover the insert in a Black ripstop nylon as they are usually deployed in a protected pocket.   But we can have the insert Made-to-Order in a tough Black Cordura® Nylon, if desired for maximum abrasion resistance...

Standard Sizes Usually In Stock

Black Ripstop Nylon Outershell
Level 3-A
8 mm Thick
10" by 12"

Shooters Cut Clipped Top Corners or

1.2 lb. / 0.5 kg
$ 105
10.5" by 12"

Shooters Cut Clipped Top Corners

1.2 lb. / 0.5 kg
$ 105
10" by 13"

Clipped Top Corners Large SAPI shape, or

1.3 lb. / 0.6 kg
$ 110
11" by 14"

Clipped Top Corners XL SAPI shape, or

1.4 lb. / 0.6 kg.
$ 130
11" by 17.5"

Clipped Top Corners

1.8 lb. / 0.8 kg.
$ 150
12.5" by 18"

Rectangle, rounded off corners

2.1 lb. / 0.9 kg.
$ 170
Prices for Customization:
Cordura Nylon, or
Made-to-Order Rectangle Sizes

Made-to-order, and shipped in 3 to 6 weeks.

Level 3-A
Standard Aramid
  • Black Ripstop Nylon

  • Cordura® Nylon Color Choices - tough 1000 Denier, best for abrasion resistance

  • Note: Cutting ballistic material has an accuracy of roughly plus or minus 0.25" (0.6 cm.)

  • Be sure to round DOWN 0.25" if there is a tight tolerance to fit

~ 8 mm
$ 1.00

per Square Inch

See Rifle Plates page

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