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Who Needs Body Armor?

Obviously most of our clients have been police, and military personnel (US Marine Corps, US Army, Special Forces, US Air Force, US Navy, etc., etc.) and defence contractors in harm's way.  But you might be surprised at the wide range of civilian needs for Body Armor...
  • Residents in high-crime areas who have given serious thought as to the several minutes that will elapse between the sound of glass breaking at 3 a.m., and the arrival of police (regardless of the speed of police response there are unavoidable time lags)

  • Homeowners who have suffered burglaries, or home invasions

  • Security guards and armored car personnel

  • Business or property owners who must provide their own security

  • Convenience store clerks and owners (in fact one of the most dangerous jobs in America)

  • Taxi drivers (and bus and limo drivers)

  • Restaurant or bar owners who must make late-night cash deposits

  • Business owners who must carry large amounts of cash for payrolls, purchasing, auctions, bank deposits, etc.

  • Jewelry store owners and couriers who must carry valuable merchandise

  • Emergency Medical Service personnel (EMS)

  • ATM repairmen (the ATM is emptied before servicing, but the criminal doesn't know that...)

  • Alarm system repairmen who often have to investigate tripped alarms

  • Crime victims or witnesses who fear retribution from criminals, and their accomplices

  • Victims of stalking

  • Attorneys in emotionally charged cases (e.g., divorce, child custody, etc.)

  • Judges

  • Process / subpoena servers

  • Merchant Marine security officers

  • Private boat and yacht owners – piracy has made a comeback on the high seas

  • High-profile individuals, such as actors, who are the recipients of death threats

  • Executive protection personnel / bodyguards

  • Embassy personnel overseas

  • Executives traveling abroad (and, sadly, to some US cities!)

  • Missionaries traveling abroad

  • War correspondents, journalists and photographers in "Hostile Environments"

  • Citizens with relatives overseas in dangerous countries

  • Private investigators

  • Bail bondsmen and bail enforcement agents

  • Auto repossessors

  • Concealed Carry License holders

  • Shooting Instructors and range personnel

  • Competitive shooters - or ANYONE who uses a public shooting range...

  • Hunters

  • Motorcycle racers, rodeo riders, rodeo clowns (for blunt trauma impact)

  • Research Scientists, who use animals are the target of radical "animal-rights" groups

  • Pharmacists (who handle drugs desired by addicts)

  • and finally, sadly, teachers who have received death threats in some of our nation's schools

Put the odds in YOUR favor...

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