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ProMAX Concealable Body Armor Vest 


Radiation Detection and Alarms


24/7 Radiation Monitor and Automatic Alarm


"This is the most remarkable advance in civil defense equipment in many, many years. These are truly great devices."
- Dr. Arthur B. Robinson Director, Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Publisher of "Nuclear War Survival Skills", Co-Author "Fighting Chance (over 500,000 copies sold).

  •  a MUST-HAVE for first responders, or anyone, who could be exposed to dangerous nuclear radiation levels from:
    • nuclear power facility accident
    • nuclear waste storage or transport accident
    • terrorist dirty bomb
      "it is only a matter of time before one is employed" — Stratfor
       - Oct. 4th, 2006
    • nuclear accident fallout effects, e.g., Chernobyl
    • overseas nuclear war fallout
    • terrorist "suitcase nuke", etc., etc.

  • audible alert tells you if the danger is low to high on a 10 point scale

  •  easy to carry on keychain or belt, as long as you can hear, you can use this device


  •  Accuracy verified by an independent National Radiological Laboratory

  •  2 year warranty, Made in U.S.A.

  •  EMP immunity, and meets MIL-STD-461D and RS105

  •  10 year battery life


$ 160 each

NukeAlert Rear

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