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Ceramic "Level 4 with Vest" Rifle Plates

Level IV With Level III-A Vest Supporting

Ballistics 100% Made in the USA
Note:  Export of Level IV Rifle Plates from the U.S. usually requires an export permit
(Level III plates can often be exported without an export permit.)

Ceramic Rifle Plates are Not Returnable

When you are wearing a Level III-A vest you can save weight and thickness with a lighter Ceramic Rifle Plate that is Level IV with a Level III-A vest supporting.

Our plates are Multi-Hit for standard rifle threats
When used with a Level III-A Vest Supporting,

Detailed Ballistic Specifications below

Most sizes in stock for immediate shipment

What Size Rifle Plate Should I Get?

 10" by 12" Level IV With Vest

Leading Technology Composites - LTC Model 27105 / 27100

Regular Shooters Cut Front

Level 4 with Vest Ceramic Rifle Plates

Rectangle Back Plate
More coverage over your shoulder blades!

NOTE - Some Rifle Plates Carriers that load from the bottom have tapered or clipped top corners that will NOT accept rectangular plates.

Ceramic Rifle Plates are NOT returnable, so please ensure compatibility with your equipment before ordering.

~9.5" Wide by 11.6" Tall

~24 by 29 cm.
for Shooter's Cut

~6.0 lbs.

2.7 kg
Weight for Back Rectangle

~6.5 lbs.

2.95 kg.

Only 12.5 lb.

Front & Back!

Triple Curved

Our most popular plate to wear with a Level III-A vest supporting...

More specifications below

$ 239
per plate


8" by 10" Level IV With Vest

Leading Technology Composites - LTC Model 27111 / 27112

8" by 10"

~20 by 25 cm.
~4.0 lbs.

~1.8 kg.
~4.4 lbs.

~2.0 kg.

8.4 lb.

Front & Back!

Triple Curved

For smaller framed folks.

$ 219
per plate


Please know that many Eagle, BlackHawk and other plate carriers are NOT designed for the more rectangular Back plates (only clipped corner plates even on the back). You may need to order two Shooter's Cut Front plates to fit your carrier.

It is your responsibility to verify compatibility with your equipment.

SAPI Cut Sizes


Level IV With Vest


Mil Spec SAPI Cut (aka SPEAR)

for both Front AND Back

SAPI Cut Ceramic Rifle Plates


LTC 27148

8.75" by 11.75"
~5.5 lbs.

2.5 kg.
SAPI Shape
Triple Curve

For the Small OTV (Outer Tactical Vest)

$ 229
per plate

5 - 7 week lead time


LTC 27149

9.5" by 12.5"
~6.5 lbs.

2.95 kg.

For the Medium OTV (Outer Tactical Vest)

$ 249
per plate


LTC 27150
10.25" by 13.25"
~26 by 343 cm.
~7.2 lbs.

3.3 kg.

More coverage for bigger guys.

~20% more coverage than a regular 10" by 12" plate

Fits the Large and XL Interceptor OTV (Outer Tactical Vest)

$ 279
per plate


LTC 27151
11" by 14"
~28 by 36 cm.
~8.6 lbs.

3.9 kg.

For big guys, and the XL or XXL Interceptor OTV (Outer Tactical Vest).

Also a great option to maximize coverage on the back, keeping a 10" by 13" up front for ergonomics.

$ 319
per plate


Why You Want BulletProofME to Ship Your Ceramic Plates

ANY Ceramic Rifle Plate can be damaged if abused - especially if dropped on its' corner. They are not delicate, like fine tea china, but, on the other hand, FedEx and UPS are notorious for being rough with packages.

So, every Ceramic Plate we ship FedEx or UPS is bubble-wrapped, and then DOUBLE-boxed with lots of padding to survive rough handling. We overpack, so that it would take a lot of obvious abuse to do any damage.

We stake our reputation of over ten years on doing it right.  Don't buy a plate that just gets thrown in a box and shipped out.

Our Ceramic plates are exceptional quality...


Ceramic Rifle Plates of Alumina Oxide 98%, bonded to Aramid fiber:

  • exceed protection levels as specified by NIJ 01.0105, and

  • manufactured in the U.S., to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards (International Standards Organization).

Plates you can stake your life on with confidence:

Armor Piercing Threats Stopped:

Typical Weapon
7.62 51mm M-61 AP (Armor Piercing) Battle Rifles and Machine Guns
7.62 54mm Russian Light Penetrating Steel (R LPS) Dragunov Sniper Rifle
7.62 63mm M2 - AP (Armor Piercing)  


Not Just "One-Hit Wonders"

Full-size plates are tested to be BOTH Level III AND Level IV

When used as directed, our Ceramic Rifle Plates will defeat MULTIPLE, spaced* hits of common rifle ammunition threats:

Typical Weapon
7.62 51mm
.308 Winchester
"NATO ball"
Battle Rifles and Machine Guns
7.62 39mm Mild Steel Core AK-47
5.45 39mm FMJ Ball Russian AK-74
5.56 x 45mm
5.56 x 45mm
M-16 and AR-15
7.62 54mm FMJ Dragunov Sniper Rifle
12 Gauge Lead Slug Shotgun

* yes, if 2 rounds hit in almost exactly the same spot you are probably out of luck! The NIJ test standard is a minimum 2" (5 cm.) spacing between rounds, and 3" (8 cm.) from the edge of plate.

Our Ceramic Rifle Plates are the full thickness out to the edge of the plate (as far as practical). We DON'T cut corners lightening up a plate by "cheating the test" and thinning the outer edge of the plate.


Designing the plate to work in conjunction with a vest, as an integrated system, gives you Level III and IV protection and typically saves ~4 pounds of weight (1.8 kg.) over a pair of plates!


Many Rifle Plates are only curved in one dimension, but all our full-size Level IV WITH A LEVEL III-A VEST SUPPORTING plates are curved in THREE dimensions to more closely conform to your body contours – like a moulded breast-plate or back-plate. This means a snugger fit and less bouncing when you move, not to mention better protection, and less bulk to hinder your movement.

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