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Police Surplus 'Bulletproof' Vests at a Discount

Level II Body Armor Vest - Front

Police Surplus Body Armor $ 150 & up
See below

In concealable, police-style 'bullet proof' vests (or more correctly bullet-resistant vests) we offer a superb value in Police Surplus vests:  Previously Worn, or Refurbished to look Like-New, police vests.

Not "cheap imported vests on sale", NOT made in China, but quality U.S.-made vests that are in good condition, inexpensive, ready to wear, and a great value.   Police Departments are legally obligated to only use vests under warranty with an insurance policy - so even though a 5 year old vest is typically still perfectly serviceable, they are retired.

"Old Armor Tests as Good as New" according to NIJ research on 10 year old USED armor.

The Wound Channel on YouTube hit one of our older Level II Police Surplus vests with a Level 3-A sub-machine-gun - 9mm at over 1,400 fps. Still no penetration, even though Level II is not rated for this threat!

We inspect and process all vests very thoroughly, we:

      1. inspect all vests to remove heavily worn or damaged vests, (and ensure that there is absolutely no Zylon)
      2. deodorize the ballistic panels with VestGuard
      3. wash the outershell carrier
      4. replace elastic that has lost it's snap

...and back it up with our "Bullet-proof" Satisfaction Guarantee

Our bottom line is - if we would not be happy wearing the vest ourselves, we won't sell it for Body Armor (it goes into the "test shooting" pile).

  •  NIJ 01.01.03 or 0101.05 or .06 Standard Level II

  • FULL-wrap side protection (unless requested otherwise).

  • For $20, you can add a Soft Aramid Blunt Trauma Pad

Made in the USA

...or occasionally Canada


Too Many Choices? - Just get your measurements and CALL US!
We are happy to explain the pros and cons of the options.

Vests come complete, ready to wear.
We do recommend adding an optional Blunt Trauma Pad for $ 20
Option 1 - Level II Refurbished Inside and Out

Previously Worn vests Inspected & Refurbished at the Factory

New nylon cover to the ballistic panels and a new outershell carrier

Looks like a Brand-New vest (we have to note on the label for you to know it is Police Surplus)

Black Black       White

  • 100% woven aramid vests - VERY flexible, comfortable, and concealable

  • Other companies refurbish used vests by mass-producing cloth carrier outershells that don't properly fit the Kevlar vest panels. You will see an extra 2", or more, of excess cloth material for the Kevlar to slide around in! We only ship vests with carriers that will hold your vest securely.

  • 5mm thickness - though some vests are made to exceed Level II ballistic standards and these are 6.5 mm

  • Large Regular is 4.4 lb. / 2 kg.

Refurbished Police Surplus  Vest

Small to XXL Available


Regular Lengths:
Small, Large, XL and XXL


Tall Lengths:
Medium, Large and XL


XXL Tall

Option 2 - Used, Very Good Condition Level II

Previously Worn vests that we have carefully inspected, cleaned and deodorized.

Our standard for approval is - would we be happy wearing this vest personally in the line of fire.

Any worn-out elastic is replaced so the vest is entirely serviceable.

  • 2006 and Later Production

  • First Choice 100% woven aramid Twaron fiber brand Aramid Vests - VERY flexible, comfortable, and concealable

  • only 5mm thick!

  • mostly Light Blue and a few White, or Dark Navy Blue

  • Female vests available






Lots of Sizes Available

Short Lengths, Light Blue
Regular Lengths, Light Blue

Tall Lengths, Light Blue

Carrier Options

Add $20
Dark Navy Blue or
Brand-New Black Carrier

Limited sizes available.

Black Slick Nylon Outershell Carrier
  • ideal for exterior wear
  • grommets for Badge Pin
  • Police Surplus in Very Good Condition

Add $ 30


We have some Police Surplus vests that were issued, but have seen little or no wear.

Hard to tell they're not brand-new.

Limited Sizes Available
Option 3 - Used, Very Good Condition Level II PLUS

We have doubled up two Level II vests, to give Level II PLUS protection

  • ~9mm thick after we double up two 4.5mm thick ballistic panels (on both the Front and Back)

  • NOT ideal for concealing under light clothing but a very cost-effective backup vest, or home defense vest

  • 2001 - 2005 Production

  • PACA KGS (Kevlar, GoldFlex, Spectra) vests - very flexible

  • mostly Light Blue - lighter than Navy, and some White, or Navy

  • Female vests available

Lots of Sizes Available

Short Lengths
Regular Lengths

Tall Lengths


XXL or 3-XL

Add $20

Dark Navy Blue

Limited sizes.
Add $30
Black Slick Nylon Outershell Carrier - PACA
  • ideal for exterior wear
  • grommets for Badge Pin
  • Police Surplus in Very Good Condition

Panels for Test Shooting


Heavily Worn or Damaged

If we would not be comfortable wearing a used vest for our personal protection, we sell the panels for test shooting.

One ballistic panel, NO carrier, and NOT usable as a vest.

If you would like to see just how well armor works, nothing inspires confidence like shooting one yourself.

You need to have a suitable backstop for the vest to test properly. A concrete wall is too hard for a valid test, and can make a good vest fail. Swinging free in the air can let a bad vest pass.

So a punching bag or other semi-soft backstop is ideal for "field expedient" testing.

$ 20 for 1 panel (half vest, no carrier)

$ 15 to add a test panel to any order for a vest, plate or helmet





  1. Get your measurements, and then call us, and tell us what you want.
  2. We will check on vests to fit you – and your budget – out of our inventory.
  3. We will describe the vest(s) we are offering to you in detail before you confirm your order: size, brand, model, color, weight, condition, etc., etc.


We are happy to tell you exactly what brands and models we have in stock that will be an excellent fit for you

Upgrade Options

Sweat-Wicking Undershirts

The special CooMax® fabric wicks sweat away three times faster than cotton. So sweat evaporates faster, and you stay a little cooler -and a lot drier - under your vest. Plus, you don't have to wash your vest as often...

 White  White    
Black  Black
$ 12 & up

Ballistic Soft Trauma Packs / Plates

A bullet stopped by the vest still hits like a sledgehammer causing injury
– 5" by 8" of extra protection for the middle of your chest...

Police Surplus
Looks Like New

Ballistic Soft Trauma Pack
Uniform Shirt External Carrier Upgrade Option
for all Police Surplus
+ $80

to add a Brand-New Uniform Shirt External Carrier Upgrade
Uniform Shirt External Carrier -  Traditional
Traditional Style
with Open Slit Lower Pockets
Uniform Shirt External Carrier -  Dress Shirt
Dress Shirt Style
with Zip Pockets hidden behind the Centerline
Color Choices:
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Spruce Green
  • Gray
  • White
  • Navy Blue
  • Light Blue
  • French Blue
  • Bright Blue
or Custom, Made-to-Order

Regular Length or Extra-Long?
Our Bullet proof Vests PHOTOS show the difference.

How Good is Police Surplus?

Old Armor Tests as Good as New
– NIJ Research

If you would like a fax copy of this NIJ Research Report, just let us know when you call to order.

“NIJ tests failed to demonstrate any significant differences in 10-year-old armor, regardless of the extent of use or apparent physical condition”

“The warranty exists solely to limit the manufacturer's liability on the product and is not a reflection of the anticipated service life of the product.”

...Guide to Police Body Armor, National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC)

To see for ourselves, we held the

11-Year-Old Vest Shootout

11-Year-Old Vest - Front    11-Year-Old Vest - Back

We shot an 11-Year-Old, Level II Vest with four, 9 mm FMJ rounds, plus 00 Buckshot, from 24" (61 cm).

The deepest penetration was not even halfway through!

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