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ProMAX "Turtle" Jacket

Velcro-detachable Groin Protector and Throat Protector shown attached


Stripped Down

Velcro-detachable Groin Protector & Throat shown removed, below.
Also vailable with two side pockets and no MOLLE web stripping, if desired as shown below

ProMAX Military Jacket - Side
Note the excellent coverage high under the armpit.
Note: Shown over a BDU jacket to show Camo effect.

Armored Up

To maximize protection add extra Groin Protectors:

"Turtle" Jacket  with Extra Groin Protectors - Front    

You can also add Upper Arm Protectors

For complete description and prices, see
Tactical Body Armor

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  Woodland or 3-Color DESERT Camouflage
 ACU - Digital Camo
Advanced Combat Uniform
DESERT Digital
Woodland Digital

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