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Bullet Proof ME Body Armor

Bulletproof Vests, Plates, Helmets & Armor to
Put the Odds in YOUR favor

Upper Arm Protectors

Add detachable Upper Arm Protectors to plug the upper arm and armpit gap...

ProMAX Tactical with Upper Arm Protectors - Side      ProMAX Tactical with Upper Arm Protectors - Front
Shown without optional 4" by 9" Rifle Plates

  Black     Navy Blue     Olive Drab
  Woodland or 3-Color DESERT Camouflage
 ACU - Digital Camo
Advanced Combat Uniform
DESERT Digital
Woodland Digital

Forearm Protectors

Forearm Protector
Shown without optional 3.5" by 9" Rifle Plate Pockets

For complete description and prices, see
Tactical Body Armor

For Rifle Protection Upgrade, see
Side Rifle Plates

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