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Rifle Plates PHOTO Gallery

Our most popular Ceramic FRONT Rifle Plate
Rifle Plate - Ceramic - Front 
Triple-Curved to hug your body, plus extra taper for more freedom of movement.

The Back Plate is also Triple-Curved but rectangular
(still with nicely rounded corners).


Ceramic SAPI
SAPI - Small Arms Protective Insert
~ 10" by 13" for ~20% MORE COVERAGE AREA
SAPI Mil-Spec Performance with an Interceptor or Level III-A Vest supporting


Ultra-LIGHT Polyethylene Rifle Plate
Ultralight Polyethylene Rifle Plate
Level III Stand-Alone
Untapered Single Curve for the Back shown above

The Front Plate is tapered at the top for more freedom of movement
like the Ceramic Rifle Plate above

Ceramic vs. Polyethylene Comparison
Rifle Plates Comparison - Ceramic vs. Polyethylene
Side by Side Comparison of a 0.5" thick TRIPLE-Curve Ceramic Rifle Plate on the Left,
versus the 1.0" thick SINGLE-Curve ULTRA-LIGHT Polyethylene on the right.


Rifle Plates Comparison - Steel vs. Ceramic
From Left to Right:
LEFT – Level III Steel, SINGLE Curve, ~0.25" / 6 mm thick
CENTER – Level IV WITH A LEVEL III-A VEST SUPPORTING, Ceramic, TRIPLE-Curved, ~0.5", 13 mm thick
RIGHT – For comparison, an older, thicker plate you might find elsewhere, a SINGLE curve Level IV Stand-Alone Ceramic, ~0.7", 18 mm thick

For complete descriptions and prices, see
RIFLE Protection

How Good are Rifle Plates?
See the Rifle Plates Ballistic Testing PHOTOS

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